Boho chic spirit

Secrets Shhh

Are you carefree, spirited, individual, a rebel-at-heart? If the answer is a resounding, “yes!”, then you’re a true bohemian. But what does this mean in a millennial world?

The bohemian lifestyle is indelibly aligned with counterculture and rebellion. In fact, the French Revolution (1799), marked the dawn of boho-style when France’s “artistes” were forced in to poverty and a nomadic existence. The original “alternative life-stylers”, these free-spirited artists expressed their creativity through an eclectic fashion sensibility.

Bohemianism resurfaced with the youth-driven cultural revolution of the Swinging Sixties. While it became mainstream, it found expression through hippie fashion. Just picture flowy silhouettes, handcrafted jewellery, a penchant for mixing and matching, quirky colour combinations and layering.

Today boho-style has evolved to the point of universality. The trend is embraced by festival-goers, sophisticated city chicks, hipsters, in fact, anyone who identifies with the boho spirit. The beauty of boho chic is the rules are limitless. Adorn yourself with a few simple boho-inspired pieces or layer it on.

Here Secrets shows you a couple of ways to express your inner-boho.

Edgy glam

The perfect balance of minimalism and bling, Secrets’ new boho chic earrings feature a single round brilliant Secrets stone framed by a suspended curved bar encrusted with sparkling diamond simulants.

Mix, match and layer different Secrets bracelets up your wrist and voila, you’ve mastered the edgy glam look.  A fave is our new sterling silver slider bracelet featuring halo and pear cut stones, which can be adjusted to fit any wrist. The result? The perfect storm of boho chic.

I’m in chains

Layer distinctly different but complementary looks with Secrets new long and short sterling silver boho chains.

Our short boho necklace subtly echoes exotic India with its sequence of petite stone drops delicately dangling from a diamond simulant encrusted curved bar. Wear it as a choker or short-length necklace and layer it with our new long boho necklace looped to create luxe layers. This long (90cm) boho necklace features 2.04 carats of diamond simulants for shimmering effect.

Now you know the Secrets to mastering the bohemian look, it’s time to purchase the jewellery designs that speak to your boho spirit.