Celebrate your way

Secrets Shhh

Of life’s milestones, marriage is right up there, along with birth and death, as the pinnacles of human existence. We celebrate marriage, it’s a joyous occasion and a sacred union, symbolised by the exchange of wedding rings in Western culture. This tradition can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians who believed rings symbolised undying commitment and eternal love between a couple because a circle has no beginning or end. These early wedding bands were fashioned from braided hemp or reeds, leather, bone and ivory.

We can thank the Ancient Romans, then, for galvanising this tradition into something more permanent. A Roman groom would present his wife with an iron ring, its solidity thought to symbolise strength and permanence. Even today, wedding rings crafted from precious metals remain tradition. 

Wedding band styles are heavily influenced by fashion and in 2019, we’re seeing a resurgence of Art Deco-inspired designs. This famous art, architecture and design movement (1910s-1930s) was a period of dynamic social change and modernisation. Indeed, Art Deco was defined by an obsession with all things modern, hence the (now) iconic clean geometric shapes, luxe metals and vivid colours. 

These design motifs: circles, triangles, squares, rectangles, and even pierced open work, are features of Secrets’ 10-carat gold celebration ring collection. This stunning collection of fine gold bands accentuated by tiny diamond simulants is a tasteful nod to Art Deco style, although not every design fits this mould. 

Secrets believes anything goes, so we invite you to celebrate your way. Secrets stylist, Jodi, says we see millennial brides wearing our celebration rings as bridal bands, and even eternity and anniversary rings. The beauty of this collection is each intricate design is replicated in 10-carat yellow, white and rose gold, so brides have a rich palette of colours to choose from. 

“You can really make the appearance of your solitaire engagement ring ‘pop’ by wearing one of our celebration rings on either side of it,” Jodi says. 

“Not everyone’s taste is the same, so we encourage brides to express their individual style by mixing and matching designs and gold colours.” 

The beauty of these stylish and versatile bands is they can symbolise whatever meaning you ascribe to them: marriage, eternity, anniversary. As your relationship milestones accumulate, you can add to your beautiful bridal stack. 

The wonderful thing about our celebration ring collection is you don’t have to be married to enjoy wearing them. They’re a beautiful marker of life’s milestones and are a daily reminder of your achievements. Symbolically they reflect all the lustre and sparkle of your first kiss, job promotion, personal best record, first born and other important life events. 

“You can really enhance the look of a dress ring by teaming it with one of our celebration rings,” Jodi says. 

“Or try wearing a celebration ring on its own, and on the finger next to it, wear your favourite dress ring. It looks really chic!” 

When these rings look so good stacked together with your engagement or dress ring, it’s hard just to choose one – but who says you have to?