Dive right in

Secrets Shhh

One question we’re frequently asked at summertime is: “Is it ok to wear my Secrets jewellery while swimming?” 

The answer is: “Dive right in”. Secrets fine jewellery is crafted from the highest quality materials and salty sea water and domestic pool water will not affect it. You can swim anywhere with your Secrets jewellery just as you would with diamond jewellery. 

A word of caution though, heavily chlorinated swimming pools such as public pools can affect even the best quality jewellery through a metallurgic breakdown caused by chlorine reacting with the metal. 

Another consideration is the affect of cold water on your anatomy. It’s well known cold water can cause shrinkage, but did you know that your finger diameter can also diminish causing rings to loosen and fall off? And beach-lovers beware, the ‘washing machine’ effect of tumbling waves can also loosen rings and other jewellery, so avoid swimming in rough surf with any jewellery. 

Sterling silver and sweat have never mixed and this metal is highly prone to tarnishing during summer. There is a quick and effective fix though. Simply place a very light smear of toothpaste on an old soft toothbrush to gently scrub your sterling silver jewellery. Rinse under clear running water to return its original lustre. 

And remember, we offer complimentary ultrasonic jewellery cleaning in store, so you can keep your Secrets jewellery looking sparkling new every day. 

To re-cap, if surf’s up, the water’s cold or the swimming pool is heavily chlorinated, best to remove your jewellery – Secrets or not.