Morganite: a divine love

Secrets Shhh

Pretty pastels are very much in vogue in 2018 and morganite, with its soft pinky-peach hues, is the “it” stone of the moment. Morganite, also known as pink beryl, appeals to millennium brides looking for something different to the classic diamond solitaire. 

Coloured gemstone engagement rings are trending right now and celebrity ‘hot rocks’ such as singer Jennifer Lopez’s 6.1 carat Harry Winston pink diamond, super model Heidi Klum’s 10 carat fancy yellow diamond and actress Penelope Cruz’s three-carat sapphire are fuelling the craze. 

What makes Morganite an especially romantic choice as a betrothal stone is its sweet symbolism – it represents divine love. And when matched with rose gold, it’s a perfectly rosy marriage of colour tones. It’s little surprise then that Secrets new simulated morganite and 10 carat rose gold rings are a favourite with brides-to-be. 

Newly engaged Willow Carson, 29, says she loved morganite from the moment she first saw it on Pinterest. 

“I loved the pinky-peach colour because it’s a bit different,” she says. 

“It’s soft and feminine and looks stunning with rose gold, which is my favourite metal.” 

Like every woman who desires to be married, Willow imagined her perfect engagement ring. 

“I wanted something unique but I was a little concerned morganite might just be a fad, and that I wouldn’t love it as much in five-to-10 years’ time,” she confessed. 

“The beauty of Secrets is not only are their rings exquisite, they’re affordable too.  If in 10 years’ time I decide I want a more traditional white stone, I can afford to have both Secrets rings, but if my fiancée had paid the traditional six weeks’ salary for an engagement ring from another jeweller, it would have been my one and only rock for life.” 

Willow’s fiancée Leigh knew her penchant for morganite because she’d hinted with Secrets catalogues, which she left lying around the house. 

The couple was in Venice, Italy, overlooking the canals on a moonlit evening when Leigh surprised her with a ring and said the four words every girl dreams to hear: “Will you marry me?” Willow cried and said, “Yes”!”. 

“He knew I loved delicate, feminine, fine detailed jewellery, so the Secrets decorative round brilliant with simulated morganite ring that he proposed with was the perfect choice,” Willow says. 

“I really like the side details: white shoulder stones, a halo centre and an intricate side profile in the gold design, it’s simply beautiful.” 

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