Secrets Bridal Book 2018

Secrets Shhh

Say “Yes!” to Secrets 2018 bridal assortments, a beautiful collection we have curated in to a pocket-sized bridal book you can pore over at leisure 

Designed for the discerning millennium bride, our exquisitely crafted bridal jewellery is always beautiful, just like you. We want you to shine with confidence wearing quality jewellery that is as desirable as it is ethical. Luxurious design, authentic metals, old fashioned craftsmanship and the latest technology in diamond simulants combine to create spectacular jewellery in 14-carat or 10-carat gold.  

Our exquisite Secrets engagement rings have a wide range of matching wedding bands and most designs are replicated in 14-carat yellow, white and rose gold. Classic, contemporary and always desirable, our engagement ring designs range from stylish solitaires to more elaborate versions with glittering shoulder stones; accented halos, three-stones (popularised by Meghan Markle); and fancy rings such as our two-tone gold swirl designs, antique and art deco inspired creations and coloured stones, including on trend simulated morganite.  

Our matching wedding rings range from classic, plain solid gold bands to complementary designs accented with sparkling stones. And for him, we have plain solid gold bands in 9-carat yellow or white gold, or more contemporary two-tone gold combinations. For the fancy gentleman, we have 10-carat stone set bands to match hers.  

Of coursethe hero of each of our exquisitely crafted engagement ringare our stones, the world’s finest quality diamond simulants, which are lab-grown from the natural mineral base zirconium oxide. Of these ethically-produced stones, we select only the highest quality, internally flawless ones. Our Secrets diamond simulants are equivalent to a D or E graded mined diamond. To put this in context, diamond colour is universally graded alphabetically from D to Z, with D being the absolute finest colourless stone rating in the world. Soyou can see, our Secrets stones are visibly whiter and brighter than the average mined diamond, which are generally a H or I colour (or less).  

Another distinct difference is our stones are cut to the exact proportions and standards demanded by the diamond industry for maximum brilliance, fire and scintillation. Why spend a mortgage on a mined diamond when you can achieve the same look (or better) with a Secrets diamond simulant? Our lab-grown stones are environmentally and ethically more sound than mined diamonds – and they’re a fraction of the price. Just as love never dulls, nor do Secrets diamond simulants. We believe passionately in the quality of our stones, and we want you to too. Our lifetime guarantee on Secrets stones is our promise to you.  

Still have questions after delving in to our bridal book? Why not book online an in-store Secrets styling appointment. Our expert stylists will help you discover your bridal ring style, match the gold colour to your skin tone and answer any questions you may have.  

Every bride wants to shine on her wedding day. Secrets encourages you to be your own kind of beautiful by offering you a bridal ring set that’s as unique as you.