Secrets Shhh a reality TV star!

Secrets Shhh

It was one of those hold your breath TV moments. Jules’ heart was pounding when Cam suggested they take things “up a notch” on their final Married at First Sight (#MAFS) date before deciding whether to remain a couple in the ‘real world’.

Reaching under the linen draped romantic table setting in Sydney’s Centennial Park, Cam told Jules he had “a little something” for her. Oh. My. God.

Cam had chosen the elegantly refined Secrets Shhh 10ct rose gold tennis bracelet. Luckily for Cam, each design in our fine jewellery collection is replicated in 10ct or 14ct yellow, white or rose gold.

Showing Cam one of our timeless and classic tennis bracelets, store manager Tracy said: “This definitely has the ‘wow’ factor”. It’s something she will have forever.”

Being the cricketer he is, Cam certainly knows how to ‘bowl a maiden over’. His lightning quick response was: “And forever is what we’re looking for”.

Their love is not just big, it’s epic. In a line worthy of a fairy tale romance, Jules told us: “I have searched my whole life for this man. I want him in my life”.

As the ridiculously happy-in-love couple recreated their bridal waltz, we caught flashes of sparkling round brilliant cut diamond simulants in Jules’ tennis bracelet glittering in the sun, shining bright just like their love.

As dusk descended, Jules declared: “That’s the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me… It’s just been the most unforgettable date ever.”

How could Cam possibly top this super romantic moment?

Back to the future

Well, I was just as ecstatic as Jules when Cam proposed marriage (for real!) on #MAFS last week when the couple renewed their vows in a romantic setting in the misty Blue Mountains.

Even I was misty eyed when I recognised the showstopping 14ct white gold pear halo engagement ring as one of Secrets very own beauties.

Sparkling with a total 2.64ct (equivalent) of Secrets signature diamond simulants, this exquisite ring has a 2ct (equivalent) pear cut centre stone accentuated by a halo of tiny round brilliants. Even the top surface of the ring’s band is exquisitely detailed with diamond simulants.

“You’re more than handpicked for me. You’re tailor made for me,” Jules told Cam during the renewal of their wedding vows.

Promises made

It was the ‘promise ring’ that had Twitter all aflutter with chatter about Secrets.  At the final commitment ceremony, Dan asked Jessika to wear our one of our stylish celebration bands as “a symbol of his commitment to her”.

Traditionally meaning, “I promise to marry you one day", promise rings are typically smaller and less expensive than an engagement ring.

The Art Deco-inspired 10ct rose gold band (featured) belongs to our beautiful Celebration Ring Collection. The beauty of these on-trend and versatile bands is they can symbolise whatever meaning the giver (and the wearer) ascribe to them.

The possibilities are endless: promise ring, wedding band, eternity or anniversary ring. And as your relationship milestones accumulate, you can add to your beautiful bridal stack.

The beauty of this collection is each intricate design is replicated in 10ct yellow, white and rose gold, so brides have a rich palette of colours to choose from. 

Secrets stylist Bri suggests brides try teaming their solitaire engagement ring with our celebration rings.

“One or two celebration bands, in a mix of gold colours and designs, will really make an engagement ring ‘pop’,” says Bri.

“Be bold, be different, dare to find your own Secrets style.”