Secrets to finding out her ring size by stealth

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You’ve found “the one”; but have you found the “other one”? Huh? There’s room for another in this relationship?

Yes! We’re talking about that ALL-IMPORTANT engagement ring. In my opinion, there are two equally important parts to this equation: the right fiancée + the right ring = happy marriage. Of all her gorgeous bijoux, a woman’s engagement ring reflects what she truly loves and wants to wear every day. The style of ring also speaks volumes about her personal style, so lovers, choose wisely! You want it to validate how you “get her” and all her lovable idiosyncrasies. Next, how do you slip the perfect fitting ring on to her finger without her twigging that you’re going to you spring a surprise proposal?

If you’re hoping for an emphatic, instantaneous “Yes!” from her, then some serious planning is required. Planning a Valentine’s Day proposal? There’s still time, so start prepping now. Secrets demystifies the planning process by sharing these helpful tips:

  • Do some subtle snooping to find out what gold colour she prefers and what cut and shape stone she likes best. Not good at subterfuge? Ask her bestie what engagement ring design her heart desires.
  • Act like James Bond and do some top-secret spy work! Find out her size by measuring the inside diameter of one of her ring finger rings with a measuring tape. Warning! Do not take measurement from her righthand ring finger as it can be subtly different in size to her left.
  • Use plasticine or a bar of soap to take an imprint of her ring and take it to any jeweller to find out her size.
  • Visit a Secrets store and ask to see our impressive collection of engagement rings. Did you know that each exquisite design is replicated in 14-carat white, yellow and rose gold?
  • Now you’ve chosen the perfect engagement ring, it’s prudent to find her the ideal bedfellow – and I’m talking matching Secrets wedding band. Hot tip, get both custom-made at the same time.
  • Allow enough time to place and receive your Secrets special order – approximately six to eight weeks for yellow and white gold; and 10-12 weeks for rose gold.
  • Scope out a romantic location or a place that has special meaning to you both. When is the best time of day to pop the question?
  • Have a ‘paparazzi’ friend to capture the moment on camera or video.
  • Present your Secrets ring box.
  • Have champagne on ice to celebrate!

Still feeling stuck? Here’s Secrets’ top six engagement rings (pictured above) to inspire you. And they can be easily resized!