Shhh! Secrets previews 'Celeste'

Secrets Shhh

We're giving you a sneak peak of a celestial new dress ring collection in stores (and online) from October 3. 

We've distilled the Milky Way into four heavenly dress rings we call the Celeste collection. Designed as one, two, three and four-rows apiece, each divine ring is a constellation of concentric halos formed from tiny diamond simulants. This cluster of "stars" amplifies the light bouncing off each luminous stone. 

"Every intricate detail is on show in these four truly luxurious designs, which are hand-finished by our master jewellers," Secrets stylist Kim, explains. 

"She's just like wearing a galaxy of brilliant stones!" 

We'll have Celeste in 10-carat white gold in stores for you to play with. Try on one, or all four, they're hard to resist! The beauty of this collection is each of the four designs can be made-to-order in your ring size in 10-carat or 14-carat white, yellow or rose gold. 

"She's equally brilliant in yellow or rose gold," Kim enthuses. 

What is a Secrets diamond simulant? 

Secrets believes our diamond simulants offer the world a "better beautiful". A simulation is an imitation, and we create only the best by combining the Earth's finest minerals and the latest in science and technology. 

Virtually indistinguishable from a mined diamond to the naked eye, our Secrets diamond simulants are equivalent to a D to F colour diamond. Considering diamond colour is universally graded from highest (D) to lowest (Z), visually our diamond simulants share the same qualities as the absolute finest colourless stones in the world. They're visibly whiter and brighter than most mined diamonds, which are generally a H or I colour (or less). 

So, you can see our diamond simulants are equivalent in appearance to the rarest white diamonds unearthed.