Stacking's a royally good idea

Secrets Shhh

Rack up a stack with Secrets’ new on-trend celebration rings. With 14 new designs in 10-carat white, yellow and rose gold to play with, this stylish collection of stackable rings is as distinctive as you.

Try stacking multiple rings on one finger (up to the knuckle if you dare!), or spread them over all five divine digits. Playfully mixing ring designs and gold colours can really make your appearance “pop”, and be a sartorial expression of your personality.

Royally hip Meghan Markle favours stacking fine, delicate bands, which she was seen wearing in her many public appearances in 2018. Markle’s star quality and fashion sensibility has captured the world’s attention, in much the same way as the late Princess Diana. Emulate the Markle effect by wearing fine gold bands on your thumb, pointer and ring finger while layering a couple of slightly bolder styles on your middle finger.

Secrets stylist, Jodi, says you can get this look at Secrets by choosing a selection of fine bands from our signature range and teaming them with a couple of different designs from our new celebration ring collection.

“Whether you want to look royally fashionable or express your individual style, stacking gives you enormous flexibility,” Jodi says.

Celebration rings are a beautiful marker of life’s milestones and are a daily reminder of your achievements. Symbolically they reflect all the lustre and sparkle of your first kiss, graduation, job promotion, wedding anniversary, first born and other important life events. Their ‘stack-ability’ also makes them attractive anniversary rings.

“Stacking celebration rings together with your solitaire engagement ring is right on-trend,” Jodi says.

“For the sake of symmetry, you can wear the same two celebration rings on either side of the solitaire.

“Or, you can mix and match designs and gold colours but still complement the solitaire.

“And as your milestones as a couple stack up, so too does the impact of your ring stack.”

How high do you dare to go?