The long and short of layering

Secrets Shhh
Layer it like Lopez, that’s our hot fashion tip for 2018. Indeed, celebrities Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Hale and Beyonce keep telling us: “More is more” when it comes to necklace layering.
The neckline’s the limit, so we encourage you to experiment with different chain lengths and weights; pendant shapes and textures; and gold colours to define your individual style.
Secrets shows you here how to pile it on with panache.

Totally sweet! 
 If you’re a layering novice, we recommend starting out small. A couple of delicate gold chains staggered at different lengths gives each minimal pendant its own space to shine. Wear this sweet little white gold princess halo pendant close to the throat and frame it with our rose gold minimal curved bar necklace for an understated fashion look. 

Three's the magic number
The secret here is to wear three chains at graduated lengths. Mixing your pendant shapes and sizes can create a surprisingly complementary look.
It’s also a visual feast for any admirers laying eyes on your exquisitely adorned décolletage.

 Worth the weight 
Take your necklace layering to the next level of sartorial excellence by mixing gold colours as well as different pendant and chain weights, shapes and textures.
In fact, alternating thinner and thicker chains helps prevent tangling.
Wear this synergy heart key pendant on a long chain with the heart pendant at mid-length and the minimal star near the throat to give the illusion of a vastly plunging neckline.
A hero's welcome 
Advanced “layers”, don’t be afraid to “bust out” of convention and make a statement.
Start with a classic element: a stunning round brilliant four-claw solitaire pendant. Then underscore it with this minimal infinity necklace to highlight the above solitaire’s beautiful simplicity.

Complete the layered look by making this sparkling diamond simulant-studded circle of love pendant the hero piece. It draws attention to your bust if you’re feeling fun and flirty.
Whatever your personal taste, layering is a brilliant way to update your neckline. Now that you’ve learned to pile like a pro, shop Secrets extensive range of pendants and chains to define your look.