Victoria's Secrets

Secrets Shhh

Meet Victoria, she’s likely Secrets’ biggest fan and most avid collector. Victoria says her obsession started quite by chance a decade ago when together with her sister, she walked into Melbourne’s old post office building and saw Secrets signage advertising an exquisite ring for $600.

“That signage made me do a double take,” Victoria says.

“I really had to check it out. That’s when I made my first Secrets purchase.”

Her prodigious collection of Secrets’ rings now tallies 65. But like all collectors, the value of Victoria’s collection is very much emotional, not monetary. 

One of her sentimental favourites is the marquise cut dress ring with a simulated yellow diamond centre stone (pictured).

“This ring is just so elegant,” Victoria enthuses.

“I love the colour, it reminds me of a trip I took to Los Angeles with my sister. We were in Tiffany & Co looking at their collection of canary (yellow diamond) rings for our mum.

“I just love the colour, it reminds me happily of that time.”

Victoria now declares herself a Secrets’ loyalist.

“I stopped going elsewhere when I purchased my first Secrets ring,” she says.

“I love the way I’m made to feel so welcome when I come in to the Sydney store.

“It’s the kind of customer service you want, unlike some of the high end jewellery stores where often you’re not even acknowledged.

“I often ask the Secrets girls when I go in on my lunch break if I can come and work here if I’ve had a crappy day. That’s a big compliment to (co-founder) Jane and her team.”

Victoria says on average she treats herself to a new ring every couple of months, or when Secrets releases a new design.

Like all ‘mums’ she does have a favourite ‘child’.

“My fave ring is a white gold bezel and claw set round brilliant dress ring,” she says. (pictured)

“It was love at first sight when I saw it in the window. I had it custom made to fit me perfectly and waited several weeks for its arrival.

“The girls hated me (just kidding!) coming in every day and asking if it was in. I just love it!”

So what’s the next addition to Victoria’s collection?

“The white gold graduated round brilliant necklet,” she declares.

“I think it’s just about the only piece I don’t have in my collection and I’ve told the girls it will be my next purchase.”

It will most definitely sit pretty alongside Victoria’s 65 rings, three (diamond simulant) tennis bracelets and numerous pendants, earrings and pearl necklaces and bracelets.