Aquamarine Rings

Thanks to their beautiful sparkle and cool blue hue, aquamarine rings have become a popular choice for an engagement, anniversary or birthday gift. Every aquamarine colour diamond simulant ring in this exclusive collection from Secrets Shhh is created in a lab using innovative technology, so that it delivers maximum fire and brilliance.

Make a statement with these beautiful rings in modern shades you’ll be proud of every time you glance down at your finger. With all the beauty and lustre of a natural gemstone, aquamarine colour rings are perfect for any occasion - whether your taste is classical, feminine or even a little eclectic. Shop the range below and fall in love with these shades of nature.

An aquamarine stone ring - your new best friend

The creativity of our master jewellers shines through in this collection. Designed in our Noosa showroom, we’ve poured quality and radiance into every aquamarine colour diamond simulant ring we make. This unique hue makes each cut even more unique; discover the brilliance that comes with every radiant cut, cushion cut and other on-trend designs.

The Secrets Shhh range is so unique because of the way we craft our diamond simulants. Our laboratory offers the perfect conditions, virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye compared to traditionally-grown stones. We demand the same exacting standards of the diamond industry, so you can be confident that when you buy an aquamarine diamond simulant ring from us, it will be made to the highest quality and will never compromise on any of the lustre or sparkle of the finest quality stoned unearthed.

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