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Cluster Earrings


They say less is often more, but when it comes to our cluster earrings at Secrets Shhh, we’d have to disagree. Add drama to your look instantly with our exclusive collection of designer cluster earrings. Not one for the wallflowers or introverts, all eyes will be on you as you show off these classy and dramatic earrings that will hang from your lobes. Aiming for understated elegance? You won’t find it here in our flashy cluster earrings. If you’ve been looking to invite sparkle in your life, here’s how: browse our range of cluster earrings online for inspiration and find the pair that speaks to your heart and soul.


Cluster earrings are having a bit of a moment. You might know this style of earring by another name, but we’re sure you’ve seen them around town. Cluster earrings are defined as any earring with several gemstones grouped together. They may be in stud form or dangle towards the shoulders, but they will definitely be seen. Wear by itself or go all out with a range of other jewellery pieces – just be sure to stick to the same type of metal for a consistent and polished look.

Each of our unique designs are crafted in 10 and 14 carat yellow gold, white gold, rose gold or sterling silver. Embellished with stone simulants that shine brighter than most mined diamonds, we only use stones that pass our strict criteria. Treat yourself to a pair of our cluster earrings today and shine like the woman you are.


Virtually indistinguishable from even the most precious of mined diamonds, Secrets has combined the most advanced technology with a passion for excellence to deliver premium quality diamond simulants to Australia and the world. Our pieces – from the subtle stud earrings and huggies earrings to  to the elegant bridal earrings – all accentuate the brilliance, fire and clarity of our grown diamond simulants.