Green Rings

A vivid, colourful choice for every jewellery box. Secrets Shhh is proud to offer a collection of rings in stunning shades of green. Created using advanced diamond simulant technology, our green stone rings are an affordable alternative to natural diamonds that sacrifice none of the beauty of the original. Offered in a variety of cuts from traditional emerald to the more modern oval, there’s something to suit every taste in our collection. 

Browse our range of green stone rings and discover why so many people choose Secrets Shhh for special days and exceptional gifts.

Green rings capturing the colours of emerald, tourmaline & peridot 

Home of the diamond alternative - every Secrets Shhh ring starts in the same way – in our state of the art above the ground laboratory. It’s here that we grow our diamond simulants, combining the mineral base zirconium dioxide with the latest technology to create a gem that is visually indistinguishable from a natural stone. We understand that for many people, a Secrets Shhh ring is a symbol of something truly special like a wedding, an anniversary or a birthday. We want your new ring to bring you joy each and every day, so we only choose the gems that meet our strict criteria, ensuring that whether you select one of our gorgeous yellow rings or choose a more subtle pastel pink stone, you’re guaranteed a truly stunning piece. 

The Secrets Shhh range of green stone rings is only possible because of the hard work and extraordinary talents of our jewellers, setters and polishers. They take our carefully chosen simulated gems and transform them into wearable works of art. Combining a range of metals from sterling silver to rose, yellow and white gold, our jewellers create both modern and classically styled rings, ensuring that everyone can find something that speaks to them.