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A gentle shade, a lasting beauty. Secrets Shhh is proud to offer a range of rings in morganite colour shades. A rare and sought-after simulated gem, Secrets Shhh makes morganite’s delicate light pink shade accessible to everyone. Available in a range of cuts on a variety of fittings in golds,, our morganite colour collection is a truly exceptional addition to any jewellery box. 

Discover why so many Australians are choosing morganite colour rings for everyday and occasional wear – browse the Secrets Shhh collection and experience the very best that our skilled designers and jewellery makers have to offer.

Morganite rings to suit every hand 

Morganites’ gentle shading and beautiful colouring make it the ideal choice for a ring. Perfect for those looking for a richer alternative to a colourless stone that still carries the subtlety and grace of a diamond, morganite diamond simulants look fantastic on every metal, every setting and every hand. 

Paired with other natural gems as well as our diamond simulants, the Secrets Shhh morganite collection showcases the very best of this exquisite pink stone. Carefully cut and polished by experienced professionals, our diamond simulants look as bright, as colourful, as brilliant and as beautiful as any natural stone, making the beauty of the earth something everyone can own. Its gentle colouring makes it the perfect accompaniment for blues, yellows and a range of other shades.