Silver Pendants

Simple, sophisticated, Secrets - our sleek sterling silver pendants, adorned with diamond simulants come in several shapes, sizes and colours. Browse our selection of heart and cross pendants, crafted in sterling silver with yellow, white or rose gold accents, either option making the perfect gift for your daughter or wife. A collection of sterling silver Initial Pendants, A through Z, are also available at our online shop.

At Secrets, we pride ourselves on flawless fashion, all on one easy to use website. Each sterling silver pendant is decorated with our signature diamond simulants, which are visibly whiter and brighter than even the most expensive mined diamonds.

Versatile and vivacious

With over 70 pendant selections, pick from stone cuts including cushion, emerald, princess, pear and round. They also come in carat sizes ranging from 0.20CT all the way up to 6.50CT. Elegant but simple, our collection of best selling sterling silver Synergy Pendants come in two tone sets with white, yellow and rose gold embellishments. Mix and match pendants depending on your outfit, with plenty of styles and cuts to choose from, you will have no problem finding the perfect necklace for any occasion.

Each of our sterling silver pendants is spangled with our signature diamond simulants which are graded on the 4C’s: clarity, carat, cut and colour. Grown not mined, these diamond simulants carry a more vibrant sparkle at 0.058-0.066, exceeding a diamond’s rating by over 20%. Our selection of pendants doesn’t stop at sterling silver. Browse our rose gold pendants, with over 95 products available, from Princess and Pear Cut Halo Pendants to Star and Eye Pendants, there are plenty of options to choose from, no matter your style.

At Secrets, we offer free shipping on jewellery orders over $299 and 30 day returns if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase. Our stones come with a lifetime guarantee to retain their fire and brilliance forever. We will replace your stone, for free, if you notice discoloration or dullness after normal wear within 12 months.

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