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Sterling Silver Earrings


Precise sophistication with every wear. Lightweight and long-lasting, our endless collection of sterling silver earrings offer a variety of styles, cuts and colours. Be a trendsetter and turn heads in a pair of drop-dead gorgeous sterling silver earrings, fitted with high quality diamond simulants or cultured freshwater pearls. 

Our diamond simulants look exactly like real diamonds, for a fraction of the cost. Virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, our sterling silver earrings are bejewelled in simulants, but carry the appearance of authentic diamond stones. Blemish-free, each pair of our sterling silver earrings pair perfectly with any dress code, including business professional, black tie or smart casual.

From office to after hours

Be the envy of all your friends with our collection of sterling silver earrings, made out of luxury materials that don’t sacrifice the earth. Our diamond simulants are grown not mined, using the finest technology in the industry, they are created under extreme heat, forming the finest quality rough crystals. These crystals are then cut and prepared using diamond industry standards and molded to fit our range of sterling silver. 

With one of the most extensive collections of sterling silver earrings available online in Australia, Secrets Shhh has a pair suited for every occasion. Choose from over 80 different cuts and styles, on Secrets’ easy-to-navigate website, you can customise your search to find exactly the metal colour, style, price, stone cut, carat size, stone colour and metal type you are looking for. Experience luxury for your lobes with our versatile selection of designer quality sterling silver earrings. 

Now offering a range of styles and selections, Secrets is the premier home of the diamond alternative. Feeling glamorous? Opt for a pair of cluster earrings featuring groups of sparkling-white diamond simulants. For those looking for edginess over elegance, browse our assortment stud earrings and lever back earrings, suited for everyday wear.