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Thread Earrings


Dripping with elegance - you will feel beautiful and confident in your fashionable, glamorous thread earrings. Secrets breath-taking thread earrings are a must-have fashion staple, adding class and character to every outfit.

Not your classic earring - these thread earrings come in a variety of styles. Opt for a more classic look with our divine cultured freshwater pearl thread earrings or choose something more avant-garde with our distinctive sterling silver thread earrings. Made from the highest quality stones, Secrets diamond simulants possess all the qualities of the finest diamonds unearthed at a fraction of the price. In fact, they are visibly whiter and brighter than most mined diamonds.


Light on the lobes, our selection of carefully constructed thread earrings are extremely versatile, making them the perfect addition to any outfit, no matter the occasion. Feel elegant and stylish with these uniquely styled earrings each time you wear them. 

At Secrets, quality comes first. Our earrings are crafted with the finest diamond simulants grown in a laboratory. To the naked eye, these diamond simulants look exactly like real white diamonds, in fact, they are visibly whiter and pack more sparkle than a diamond you would find in a ‘mid market’ engagement ring. Our signature stones use specialised technology, created under extreme heat from the natural mineral base zirconium dioxide the finest quality rough crystals are formed. These crystals are then sorted and cut to match industry standards. Only the most extraordinary and notable stones are chosen for our iconic earrings. 

Looking for a more classic look? Secrets has a wide range of jewellery in various styles, colours and cuts. Our cultured freshwater pearl earrings each have their own personality and irregular shape, making them just as authentic as the wearer. Our drop earrings are available in a variety of colours, cuts and styles, suitable for any occasion. Cluster earrings group together diamond simulants to form eye-catching patterns through delicately placed stones.