Yellow stone rings

Capture a bit of sunlight. Secrets Shhh offers a stunning collection of yellow rings in a variety of styles. Created using our state-of-the-art diamond simulant technology, our yellow stones are stunning additions to your jewellery collection. Available in cushion, pear, oval and radiant cuts amongst others, there’s something for every day and occasional wear in our yellow rings collection.  

Explore our collection and bring brightness into every outfit with our yellow stone collection. Whether for a wedding, a cocktail party, or just a bit of everyday beauty, there’s no finer choice. Take a look and discover the Secrets Shhh range today. 

Bright, vivid & beautiful – our yellow rings

One of the most commonly sought shades of coloured diamond, yellow is an exceptional choice for rings of every design. Secrets Shhh is proud to be able to offer everyone the chance to wear a truly gorgeous gem, thanks to our cutting-edge diamond simulants. Produced above ground in our advanced laboratory from the mineral base zirconium dioxide, our simulants exhibit the clarity, the brightness and the richness of the finest natural yellow diamonds, often exceeding the quality of common mid-market engagement ring diamonds. 

A beautiful stone needs a stunning setting. Secrets Shhh proudly uses some of the world’s most talented master jewellers, setters and polishers in the creation of our rings, ensuring that each piece is truly a wearable work of art. Offering a range of metals including sterling silver and golds of various hues and offered either as solitaire or with a complementing stone, there's something to suit every taste, every outfit and every occasion in our collection.