How to Clean and Care For Your Jewellery

Congratulations on the purchase of your beautiful new Secrets Shhh jewellery. Because we care about you, we would like to share our secrets and important information on how to care for your jewellery and keep it looking beautiful for years to come.


Your jewellery should be forever admired, therefore it is important that proper care is given to ensure your stones and metals always sparkle at their best. Dust, lotions, soaps and daily wear can cloud the brilliance of your stones and dull the surface lustre of your jewellery. We recommend using our Gold or Silver Jewellery Cleaner, and other jewellery cleaning solutions - be sure you follow the instructions as prescribed by the manufacturer for the best results.


Secrets also offers a complimentary cleaning service. Simply call into the store of your choice at any time and we will professionally clean your jewellery for you. Alternatively, you can arrange to send your jewellery back to our workshop for this service via our online store. We will inspect and clean your jewellery free of charge, however rhodium plating and postage fees will apply. Also, any repair work required will be quoted and charged as required.


Our beautiful Diamond and Gemstone Simulants should be given the same level of protection and respect as any piece of fine jewellery with mined diamonds, or gemstones. A mined diamond may also chip, break or suffer surface abrasion if hit with force or harshly treated. Stones may also work loose in their settings if your jewellery is subject to any knocks or unfair treatment during use.

Please always avoid wearing your fine jewellery in situations that can cause damage, such as gardening, gym sessions, active sport and heavy lifting. It is likely you will damage your jewellery during these activities. It is relatively easy to bend a ring band when lifting weights or using gym equipment or even riding bikes or any other activities where you may be gripping objects tightly with your hands. Please also remember that hard and abrasive surfaces can damage your stones and your jewellery.

Chemicals may also discolour or tarnish your jewellery, so avoid wearing your jewellery in a pool, hot tub or sauna. Make up, hairspray, perfumes, antiperspirants, body acidity, and some sulphur-based drugs may also discolour or tarnish your jewellery. If this happens your jewellery can usually be repolished and rhodium plated if necessary however there may be a small fee to do so.

It is recommended to take pendants and earrings off when sleeping and store carefully in your jewellery case to avoid damage to chains, earring posts and to avoid lost butterfly clasps.

Please remember fine jewellery is delicate and care is required to ensure you may enjoy your pieces for a lifetime.


Time worn claws or settings may result in the loss of a stone and therefore we recommend that you bring your jewellery into your local Secrets Shhh on an annual basis for a maintenance check, or arrange with our Customer Service Team via our Online Store.


Cultured fresh water pearls are very delicate and should be treated with care. To clean, simply wipe them with a soft dampened clean cloth, or use our recommended Secrets jewellery cleaner. Pearls can be damaged or scratched if exposed to rough surfaces or chemicals such as laundry cleaner or ammonia.  


 White gold jewellery is made from natural yellow gold which is then alloyed with various white metal alloys to create white gold. In its natural state white gold has a greyish appearance. White gold jewellery is then is rhodium plated to produce a beautiful lustrous finish. To ensure your jewellery always looks its best, it will need to be re-rhodium plated periodically. This is standard for all white gold jewellery. How often it will need to be re-rhodium plated will vary depending on the type of chemicals encountered during wear, the amount of wear, and your natural acidity levels. We apply a small fee for this service.


All silver Secrets Shhh jewellery is made from Sterling Silver, which is the highest grade of silver used in jewellery manufacturing. Like white gold, silver jewellery is typically rhodium plated to produce a high quality lustrous finish. Over time this plating will fade and can be reapplied for a small fee.


To keep your jewellery looking new and luxurious, take home some of our world class cleaning products to use between maintenance visits to our stores. We offer a range of products from state-of-the-art ultrasonic baths, to gold and silver cleaning solutions, to revolutionary jewellery wipe clothes, all designed to buff and shine your jewellery.