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Key Pendant in Yellow Gold

10ct gold key pendant features grain set round brilliant stones, total 0.34ct equivalent.

Available in white, yellow or rose gold. . This pendant has been lovingly designed to symbolise the opening of new doors and opportunities.

Wear it to represent the universal key called the 'skeleton key' which is believed to successfully unlock anything you wish for. Unlock the possibilities for a brilliant future.

Can be worn individually or inside a Secrets large Circle of Life pendant. Pendant measures approx 2cm in length and 1cm in width at widest part.

Chain sold separately.

Product Details

  • Style:
  • Metal: 10ct Yellow gold
  • Setting: Grain
  • Stone Colour: Diamond simulant
  • Total Carat Equivalent: 0.34ct
  • Stone Size: round brilliant 1.25 - 34
Why buy from us

  • Lifetime gemstone guarantee
  • Lifetime gemstone loss guarantee
  • 12 month workmanship guarantee
  • A more eco-friendly and sustainable lab-grown alternative to mined diamonds
  • Conflict free, as defined by the kimberly process
  • Our unique designs are crafted by master jewellers to the highest standards of workmanship with solid gold or silver
  • Founded in 2000, the trusted experts for 20 years in lab-grown diamond alternatives
Stone Details
Secrets Shhh

Round Brilliant

The most popular stone shape is the round brilliant, which came into existence roughly 60 years ago. It’s an adaptation of the brilliant cut, created in the early 18th Century, and remains the most popular cut to this day. It suits absolutely every woman with its sophisticated brilliance and fire.

Only the highest quality stones

Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are the most perfect diamond simulant, Virtually indistinguishable from a diamond with the naked eye. They’re cut using the latest technology to the exact proportions and standards demanded by the diamond industry to ensure each stone has maximum brilliance and fire

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