Wedding Bands for Women

Shop for the perfect diamond simulant wedding band with Secrets Shhh

Say “I do” to a wedding band you’ll cherish forever from Secrets Shhh.

Commemorate your special day, and the beginning of a new beautiful life chapter, with the white diamond ring alternative that is more sustainable, more ethical and even more radiant than a real diamond! Secrets diamond simulant wedding bands for women, our bridal ring sets, and men’s wedding rings are crafted with the highest calibre stones which are virtually indistinguishable from a mined diamond. Except for the fact our stones are noticeably whiter and brighter – our customers are constantly commenting that our diamond simulant bridal bands shine more radiantly than a traditional diamond ring! The secret is the strict criteria we used to select our stones – nothing but the best wedding rings.

Our ladies wedding band diamond simulants are cut to the exacting standards of a true diamond for maximum fire and brilliance, and possess flawless clarity. Secrets invites you into a new world of luxury jewellery – one which allows you to select a large diamond look, at a more affordable ring price. Our revolutionary diamond alternative stones are backed by a lifetime guarantee because they will not dull or cloud. Secrets stones also share the same chemical properties as a real diamond, so are just as hard and long lasting.

Wedding ring shopping online should be a joy – find the bridal band or wedding ring set that is perfect for you in our gorgeous catalogue, or talk to us about a custom design ring. Your perfect piece is just a stone’s throw away.