Engagement Rings

Choose a better beautiful way to celebrate love.

Say yes to a sparkling engagement ring from Secrets Shhh.

If you’re looking for engagement rings online, you’ve come to the right place. Set with our internationally renowned white diamond simulant stones, Secrets engagement rings are meticulously crafted by our master jewellers in every shape, setting and carat size. From classic engagement rings to designer diamond simulant rings; for those who like ornate or vintage rings; Secrets’ catalogue contains hundreds of stylish, unique and popular engagement rings.

If you are about to pop the question, or an eager bride-to-be, a Secrets Shhh ladies engagement ring, or wedding ring set, will be an investment you’ll love and treasure forever. Our lab made diamond alternatives are the perfect 4C’s grade, sparkle brighter and whiter than a high-grade diamond and are almost identical in look, weight and wear. The best part is, you’ll pay up to 80% less for a Secrets diamond simulant engagement ring than for an equivalent diamond ring! It means a two carat engagement ring, or even a three carat diamond simulant may now be an option! Getting engaged on a budget has never been easier – the savings on our affordable engagement rings can be used for a bigger wedding, honeymoon or buying your home together.

Prefer 3 stone engagement rings, those with pear shaped stones, cushion cut stones, princess cut stones, or even a halo engagement ring for ultimate sparkle? Our lab grown made diamond alternatives offer a more ethical and sustainable option to mark the beginning of your life’s most beautiful journey. Set in precious metals of 10 and 14 carat gold, choose a yellow gold, white gold or rose gold engagement ring and wear your conflict free diamond simulant ring with style!