Dress Rings


At Secrets Shhh, the home of the diamond alternative, we understand how precious your jewellery is. We want our customers to wear something truly beautiful, something that’s as unique as you are. To help everyone find the perfect dress ring for their next occasion, Secrets Shhh offers rings in a wide range of styles and designs. From delicate solitaire designs to oversized cocktail rings, we make it simple and easy for everyone to find their perfect piece. 

Available in a range of metals from sterling silver to every shade of gold, the Secrets Shhh collection offers colours to match every outfit. Complemented by stones in a broad selection of cuts from generously sized cushions to delicate halos and channel settings, it’s easy to find something to suit your unique look. 

Our diamond simulants offer the beauty of a diamond without the price, creating a piece that you can wear with confidence each and every day. Indistinguishable to a diamond by the naked eye, a Secrets Shhh diamond simulant is a beautiful jewel boasting all the colour, clarity and brightness of a natural stone.