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Our Story

Original and visionary, Secrets Shhh was founded on a big dream: to introduce the world’s finest, most brilliant diamond simulants in exquisitely crafted 10ct and 14ct solid gold jewellery. Originated in Noosa, Queensland (2000), by Jane and Dietmar (a De Beers Design award-winning jeweller), Secrets is established as a global leader in luxurious jewellery design. 

The Secrets seed was sewn decades earlier while Dietmar was working for some of the world’s most distinguished luxury jewellers in Berlin, Frankfurt and Hatton Garden, London. Fashioning high-end jewellery for the rich and famous gave Dietmar the revolutionary idea that he could combine precious metals with the latest technology in diamond simulants to achieve the same brilliant effect. Intuitively he knew people would love his idea: luxury jewellery made with the same passion, quality, old-fashioned craftsmanship, and precious metals yet be accessible to everyone. Jane shared Dietmar’s vision for Secrets: that everybody was entitled to feel special every day.

Secrets selects only the world’s rarest and finest laboratory-made diamond simulants, which are visibly whiter and brighter than most mined diamonds. Our Secrets stones are cut to the same exacting standards a world-class jeweller such as Dietmar would have used previously to craft his rare and exclusive jewellery. Nearly 20 years on, Secrets remains true to its founding vision as a creator of original, fine jewellery that’s as desirable as it is accessible.


Secrets Chadstone