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engagement rings.

Up to 80% Less than a Mined Diamond 
Engagement Ring*

 We are the Home Of The Diamond Alternative, and home to one of the most amazing selections of engagement rings you will find anywhere. We invite you into one of our boutiques to immerse yourself, and to try on as many of our beautiful designs as you like. Our friendly team are waiting to help, to have fun, and make your special occasion one to remember!

Our incredible range of high quality engagement rings, along with their larger, irresistible centre stones will simply take your breath away! They are exquisitely designed and crafted from solid 14ct and 10ct gold to the highest standards, combined with the world’s finest lab grown diamond simulants.

Our revolutionary approach means you now have the freedom to choose a more responsible choice. The heirloom quality engagement ring you have always dreamed of, that doesn’t cost the earth. 


Pay up to 80% Less Than an Equivalent Mined Diamond Engagement Ring*

Consider for a moment that a one carat, colourless and near flawless mined diamond could cost upwards of $10,000 or more. Now consider one of our world class diamond simulants, virtually indistinguishable to the naked eye, crafted in solid 14ct gold, for up to 80% less. The math isn't hard, neither is the choice. An incredible engagement ring with a larger, more brilliant centre stone, exquisitely crafted for so much less! Why not have it all, your dream ring, with money left for your dream wedding and honeymoon? What’s not to love about that! 


Better Alternative.  Grown not Mined.

Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are proudly grown above the ground, not mined from the earth. Our diamond simulants are grown for perfection. As a result they are whiter, brighter, cleaner and greener, with high durability. They are a smarter more responsible alternative that doesn't compromise on quality, or cost the earth!


The Largest Range of Quality Engagement Rings

We look globally and design locally. Our designers are constantly adding to our collections to ensure the latest design trends are available. With a passion and energy for unique design, and artisan craftsmanship, our luxurious range of engagement rings in solid 14ct and 10ct gold are a cut above. We have the largest range of designer styles for every taste, in white, yellow and rose gold. We invite you to visit a boutique or browse our extensive range of designs online.


Whiter & Brighter Than Most Mined Diamonds

Thanks to an obsession in sourcing rough of an extremely high purity level, Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are whiter and brighter than most mined diamonds. They offer superior scintillation, fire and beauty. Secrets customers frequently remark that our diamond simulants have more sparkle than the average mined diamond. This is because they do sparkle, a lot! Their dispersion is very high at 0.058–0.066, exceeding a diamond's 0.044 rating.


Cut To Exacting Standards For More Fire & Brilliance.

Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are always cut to the highest standard, to the most exacting proportions demanded by the diamond industry. Only the pinnacle of stones produced, are chosen for our high-quality solid gold engagement rings. Our diamond simulants possess incredible fire and brilliance, the perfect choice to celebrate your engagement!


Spoilt For Choice With More Cuts, Shapes & Styles.

At Secrets we carry an array of traditional and exotic diamond cuts and shapes in our engagement ring and jewellery designs. From our beautiful Round Brilliant cuts, many of which are cut to display hearts and arrows, to Ovals, Pears, Emerald cuts, Cushions, Baguettes, Marquise, Radiants, Ashoka and more. If you really love one of our designs ask about having your ring custom made in your choice of white, yellow or rose gold, or with a different shape diamond simulant. We will do everything possible to accommodate your wish.

Forever Brilliant with our Lifetime Guarantees

Forever Brilliant with our Lifetime Guarantees

We believe so passionately in the quality of our Signature Diamond Simulants that we guarantee they will retain their internal fire and brilliance for life. Our engagement rings come with industry leading warranties and guarantees. Our lifetime guarantee on internal fire and brilliance of our stones, along with our lifetime loss guarantee of your centre stone, means you can choose your engagement ring with total confidence. See our comprehensive set of guarantees and warranties for your peace of mind. 

Better Value

Pay up to 80% Less than a
Mined Diamond Equivalent.*

Better Alternative

Grown not mined. 

Better Designs

The Largest Range of Quality
Engagement Rings.

Better Sparkle

Whiter & Brighter than
most Mined Diamonds.

Better Cuts

Cut to Exacting Standards
for more Fire & Brilliance.

Better Options

Spoilt for Choice with More
Cuts, Shapes and Styles.

Better Care

Forever Brilliant with our
Lifetime Guarantees

Bride with Secrets Diamond Simulant Matching Engagement Ring and Bridal Band

More Reasons to Choose a Secrets RING

  • Secrets celebrates large centre stones - unlike many other diamond designs which consist of tiny chips pieced together.
  • Secrets engagement rings are all crafted in the finest metals - solid 10 and 14 carat gold
  • A Five Star Lifetime Warranty which guarantees the internal fire and brilliance of our diamond simulants.
  • Secrets diamond simulants rate 8.5/10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, just behind diamonds which are a 10/10.
  • A luxurious ring that doesn't cost the earth, compromise on quality or break your bank!

* We define the term engagement ring as meaning a solitaire, shouldered solitaire, halo or three stone ring with a centre stone of 0.75 ecwt (equivalent carat weight) or more.
Secrets Shhh Diamond Simulants are of the finest quality, with an equivalent colour and clarity grading of the rarest white diamonds.
Our world class diamond simulants are not to be confused with synthetic diamonds, which share the same chemical properties as mined diamonds, as both are grown in a lab, not mined.
Our diamond simulants are AAAAA cubic zirconia cut to the highest standards, then carefully sorted and selected for our beautifully crafted engagement rings crafted in solid 14ct or 10ct gold.
Our approach of combining world class diamond alternatives with the highest quality solid gold engagement rings represents incredible value for money, luxury that doesn’t cost the earth.