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Solitaire Pendants


Simple pendants for the most significant occasions 

Simply beautiful - conservatively stunning, our selection of solitaire diamond simulant pendants will add subtle elegance to any look. Fitted with world-class diamond simulants, these stones appear brighter and more brilliant than even the most expensive diamonds. Choose from a range of shapes, styles and colours, including pink and emerald coloured stones.

What’s our secret? Scintillating diamond simulants, which are well-proportioned and well cut, optimise refracted light, creating a shine whiter and brighter than even the finest mined diamonds on the market. Our solitaire pendants understated with hints of gold or sterling silver make for the perfect anniversary or birthday gift.

Timeless treasures, these solitaire pendants are available in diverse metal and stone colours, styles, stone cuts, carat sizes, and metal types. Feel elegant in a solitaire necklace fit for any occasion. Add a touch of sparkle to a black evening dress or glow up your everyday attire with a twinkling solitaire pendant.