Stud Earrings

Classic or contemporary, our Secrets diamond simulant stud earrings add a bit of sparkle and shine to your everyday look. Featuring flawless, unblemished diamond simulants, our extensive collection of stud earrings come in a variety of metal colours, styles, stone cuts, carat sizes and stone colours. Our complete stud earring collection also ensures you never have another accessorising emergency again! 

What’s our secret? The latest technology and extreme heat is used to form the finest quality crystals which are then sorted and cut to exacting standards demanded by the diamond industry. Only the most exquisite stones are chosen for our stud earrings and jewellery.


Feel confident in Secrets fashionable round stud earrings, possessing all the optical qualities of the finest diamonds unearthed, at a fraction of the price. At Secrets, we never skimp on quality. As the home of the diamond alternative, our signature diamond simulant stud earrings are proudly grown in our laboratory. Using cutting edge technology, the natural mineral, zirconium dioxide, is heated to form the finest rough crystals, which are then sorted and cut to exacting standards.

Achieve elegance in our wide range of brilliant-cut diamond stud earrings conveniently available for purchase online. Suitable for every occasion, our assortment of studs include diamond simulants fitted in yellow gold, rose gold or sterling silver, as well as cultured freshwater pearl earrings, in addition to other flattering earring styles.

With styles that suit everyone, it’s hard to not find a piece of statement jewellery at Secrets. Our contemporary halo earring studs can add class and style to any look. Searching for a more dramatic set of earrings? Our glamorous hoop earrings are the perfect fun and flirty addition to any outfit.