Leverback Earrings

Earrings are an effortless way to elevate your look and can enhance any outfit. At Secrets, we have a beautiful range of earrings made from the highest quality metals and featuring the finest diamond simulants in different cuts. Choose from rose gold, white gold and yellow gold to suit your aesthetics and taste. It’s not difficult to see why we are the first choice for women looking for a set of earrings to gift or treat themselves. View our full collection online below or visit us in store to see our pieces up close and in person.


Embellished with diamond simulants in secure claw settings, embrace every day luxury with our lever back earrings. Available in round brilliant, radiant cut or pear cut, our carats come in three sizes to match your style. Select from 1ct, 2ct or 3ct – any size is sure to impress. Our stones hang lower in our lever back earrings, making it easier to be noticed and complimented on by passers-by, regardless of how you wear your hair.

Featuring a slight curvature, our lever back earrings are designed with both comfort and style in mind for the wearer. You’ll find that in addition to effortlessly opening and closing the lever for easy application, there’s minimal risk of your earrings accidentally coming undone and falling out of your earlobe.


Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or other sentimental occasion, our large collection of diamond simulant lever back earrings ensures you’ll find the perfect pair that speaks to your taste. Browse our range for gifts that will delight. From huggies earrings to bridal earrings, and stud earrings, we’re inviting women all over the world to embrace a life of luxury without the extravagant price tag.